April 03, 2016

Best experience of March

26 years old and still got it. Needed some hours of airing, but who wouldn’t?! Amazing brick colour, soft cherries and velvety tannins.

March 06, 2016

Best experience of February

First there is chocolate and mocha. Then there is liquorice and even some leather. Full bodied with good ripe tannins.

February 26, 2016

Best experience of January

A gift from California and rare breed in the cellar. Although marvellous blueberries, leather, violets and nutmeg and silky tannins.

January 06, 2016

Best experience of December

Last day of the year and definitely time for Ch√Ęteau de Pibarnon. Mourvedre and Grenache, ie Bandol in a bottle with a sea view

December 21, 2015

Best experience of the November

Golden nectar from Puligny-Montrachet and Olivier Leflaive. Can’t get much better than this. Every sip is a taste of heaven and you wish life would always be like this.

November 05, 2015

Best experience of October

There is comfort food and there is comfort wine, which no matter what makes you at peace. A good old Aussie red never lets me down, and especially never a 10 year old Penfold’s Bin 128.

October 17, 2015

Best experience of September

Shorter evenings and totally OK to sit inside again. 2009 Col d'Orcia Brunello di Montalcino showed us again who’s the King of Tuscany. And we won’t forget!