December 10, 2008

Clothes shopping

With a 50-years-old party on Saturday and Christmas in two weeks I forced myself to go clothes shopping today. I love to shop and for the last couple of years shopping for clothes have been great fun. Funky and cool outfits that I just had dreamt about before. Nice lingerie, tight tops and dresses showing a fit and toned body. Well, things have changed and I'm back at size 16 and not very happy about. I still love my body a lot more than I did before and I'm not afraid of showing it to people (like I used to), but I do not like how big my belly has become or how jiggly the arms and thighs are.

Being a size 20 at my biggest I know I'm not totally back to where I started 5 years ago, but not very far from and it makes me incredible sad and frustrated. Especially since I remember how much hard work it was and that I promised myself over and over again that it would never happened again. Well it has... And of course now I have closet full of clothes that are either too small, too tight or just tight. Nothing really fits any more...

Not very far from the office there is a shop that's been around for ever. It really doesn't look like high fashion store, but it is and you know when you walk in there that you will leave with a bag in your hand. It's run by two ladies in their mid 50's who has been doing this all their life and they are good, very good. Today I walked in and said I was looking for tops. Five minutes later I had tried on three different tops and loved all of them. They looked good on and I felt great about myself. When I was about to leave one of them showed me a black wool jacket from
Oui Moments."Please try it on. This is really you". I did try it on and yes it was very much me. Tight were it's suppose to be tight and lose where it needs to be lose.

So I left the shop with two tops and the jacket, which very quickly decided was going to be my Christmas gift to myself. Also since I'm moving office to the top floor and starting my new job after the holidays this was just what I needed (but maybe didn't now I needed).

Amazing what the right salespersons can make you feel and do.

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