December 28, 2008

Family overload

Again I've had overload of family. It happens every year around the holidays because of 3 birthdays and Christmas all crammed together in 3 weeks. That's too much! At least for me who are not related by blood to any of them besides mum. The rest of the family is my step-dad's family and we would never meet if we didn't had to.

Christmas this year was worse than ever with rude comments, bad behaviour and no manners whatever so. No I'm not a lesbian, and yes I have gained weight. Thank you very much for telling me I'm getting fat again. I do not slam the door in people's faces because I think it's funny and I do not tell people they are idiots because they like beer I don't like. I say thank you, please and yes sir/mum because I was raised so. I believe giving is better than receiving and helping people who are less fortune than me are important. Yes, I believe in God, but that doesn't make me stupid and I would never tell people what I believe is right. That's for everybody to decided by themselves. Yes, I was a spoiled only child, but living with a terminal ill parent for over four years sort of take the edge of that. I would happily change all of that to have dad back. Mum might be getting old, but don't you dare saying she's a moron. She's still the sharpest brains of all of us.

Well, the list could just go on and on. I was ready to leave after 10 minutes, but stayed for 4 hours because that's what you do when it's Christmas. You smile and try not to listen to the worse things because you're better than them. So standing in the kitchen counting to 10 for the umptiest time I promised myself this is the last Christmas with my so called family. Next year I'm going travelling, staying at home alone or whatever just because I had enough. Christmas is about love, joy and cherish things together. What we do every year is far from that and I do not like to be part of it any more. I simply have had enough.

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