January 04, 2009


After a rather sleepless night coughing and hurting more and more when breathing I went to the doctor this morning. After four hours waiting (that's free healthcare for you) and now wheezing like an old tea kettle a doctor listened to my lungs and was very happy to say that I did not have pneumonia. But I did have acute bronchitis and my vocal chords had been affected too. Losing my voice on Friday was evidently a first sign that a cold virus had moved down to my chest. So no talking for at least tree days. Quite easy since most of the time I don't have a voice.

Since it's a virus antibiotics will not help. Just rest, a lot of fluid and cough syrup to widen my bronchi and stop the acute inflammation (the hurting bit). The cough syrup should work miracle according to the doctor but he did not recommend me driving or operate heavy machinery. Back home after stopping by the chemist I looked at the label and yes it was the same cough syrup many of my friends have talked about. Some went straight to sleep, other felt sick and some just drowsy and "high", but the morphine and ephedrine (very small amounts of course) works miracle. And so far it has. Wonderful! My biggest fear was to get sick, but I'm "only" feeling a bit drowsy and a lot of the soreness in my windpipes are gone. Marvellous!

Still though I will most likely spend tomorrow taking it easy, reading and watching telly. And tonight after another spoonful syrup I know I will sleep like a baby.

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