January 19, 2009

Chopsticks diet

January is probably the month when most people try a new diet. I know I have... Even though I try to stick to the most common right now. Eat less, exercise more.

One of the latest diets are eating with
chopsticks. Thinking about my own skills when it comes to eating with chopsticks I would probably stave to death. Just ask anybody who has been with me to any of the restaurants in London's Chinatown.

The book The Chopsticks Diet by Kimiko Barber tells us to look at the slender Japanes women which is all to eating with chopsticks.
According to Barber, "Eating with chopsticks slows you down, and so you eat less." Gobbling food makes us overeat because it takes our brain 20 minutes to register what our stomach contains.
Indeed true, but does it work in reality? Daily Telegraph food writer Xanthe Clay gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised even though eating risotto was like relocating Sahara with a pair of tweezers and having chicken in creamy sauce was out if the question. The chopsticks regime made her slow down, think about her food and maybe in the end even lose some weight. None of which can be a bad thing. Maybe it's time to try something new? It is after all a new year...

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