January 25, 2009

Sunday walk

The sun finally came out today after a week or so in hiding. Wonderful! I quickly changed my plans and went out on a long Sunday walk. The temperature was above freezing so it was quite nice and a couple of times I felt the sun in my back and it was warm. Yeah! So there is hope. Especially when January is over by next week...

Being out there I realised I miss walking. Nowadays I just walk back and forth from the bus/tram and maybe once a week during lunch, and then not in a very fast pace. I wasn't going very fast today either, but just having my arms move a bit at the same time felt great.

Home again I didn't have to urge to go wild with snacks (popcorn usually) as I do on Sunday afternoons. Instead I had a sandwich and an and apple. Sitting here now I feel like I had a great day, even though I did one of the simplest things there is - I went outside for a walk.

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