March 23, 2009

Amazed by myself

Goofing off a bit at work today I somehow started to brows through my own posts on this blog, and I got amazed. Amazed by myself and my dedication for the last three years. Over 900 posts covering a big part of what is my life. Whoa! Never did I think I would be doing this three years down the line. It was just something to do while I was out of work. Thank you again Philip for the idea.

I've been pondering a lot lately if I was going to continue with this blog or not, but after today I know I will. Maybe not as frequent as before but this blog is an outlet of my thoughts and ideas which I need to keep doing. Maybe not as much for my readers (you're few but good) but for myself. To write is good. To be creative is good. To been an old time blooger is good.

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