April 22, 2009

Gloomy weather good for you

Researchers have recently discovered that people performed better in memory tests when the weather was bad and they were feeling grumpy. The worse the weather and the more depressed the individual, the sharper their brain
The findings were made by the University of New South Wales School of Psychology. The team carried out the study by questioning shoppers at a Sydney store over two months.

They tested their memory and found that they recalled three times as much information when the weather was bad and they were feeling down.

Professor Joe Forgas, who led the research, said: "It seems counter-intuitive but a little bit of sadness is a good thing.

"People performed much better on our memory test when the weather was unpleasant and they were in a slightly negative mood.

"On bright sunny days, when they were more likely to be happy and carefree, they flunked it."
So does this mean that people are smarter and use their brain more in countries with bad weather? Just saying because Gothenburg where I live is famous for its rainy and grey days...

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