April 13, 2009

Marley and me

Like I wrote yesterday I've been reading and reading this Easter, jut like in the good old days when I spent days on the sofa or bed disappearing from the real world. On Saturday I read Marley and me by John Grogan. Having heard so much about the book and now with the film out as well I decided to pick up a copy myself a couple of weeks ago.

Growing up I always wanted a dog, but being a very busy family my parents said no and I now understand why. It would not have been fair to the dog or to us. Over the years though I've been dog-sitting for a couple of days or even weeks and loved every minute of it. Especially one dog, Higgins has left unforgettable memories with both my mum and me. A huge and lovable Clumber Spaniel who more or less thought he was a human. A bit loopey but always with a great big heart.

So when starting to read Marley and me I quickly realised that Marley was just like Higgins. Full speed ahead through life and that is why the book is so great. You smile, laugh out loud and shake your head wondering what the next thing might be. At same time you feel the unconditional love from both Marley and his master knowing that a relationship like that only comes once in a lifetime. Finishing the book you feel great and catch yourself smiling and thinking about Marley, because he was one unique dog. Just like Higgins. And I'm pretty sure they are having a blast in doggie heaven right now.

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