April 01, 2009

The right to protest

With the G20 summit starting in London tomorrow today has been a day of protest in The City.

I believe that everybody has the right to protest and make their voice heard, but what makes me angry are those who are not doing it for a cause but instead doing it just to destroy and disturb. Yes, they are causing headlines, but they are causing the wrong headlines and people just get angry and upset. This afternoon a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland was
rioted. For what use I might ask.
A small number of demonstrators forced their way into the building on Threadneedle Street near the Bank of England after smashing windows and throwing smoke grenades.

Hundreds of protesters cheered as office equipment including a printer was carried out of the building – which is believed to have been empty – before riot police wielding batons managed to force the crowds back.
I just wonder what the rioters themselves would say if someone came into their house and destroyed their property. Would they still cheer and think it's an excellent idea to riot?

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