April 05, 2009

Spring fever

It's amazing what a change in the weather can do to you. Finally last Wednesday warmer weather and sunshine arrived. Walking home with the sun in my back and getting real warm hot the best feeling in a long, long time. Thursday and Friday was cloudy but still warm, compared to what is has been for the last 6 months, and then yesterday, the warmest day so far. With the sun shining through my bedroom window I wok up refreshed and just knew it was going to be a great day. Before noon I had managed to make a very large lasagne and very delicious one I might add. I had also stored away the heavy boots and coats hoping that they will not be needed in another 6-7 months.

Still full of energy I then went out for the first outside run for the season. The trail was full of people doing the same thing and what I could see they all looked as happy as me. Finally outside again. We survived the winter. Passing by the football ground games were going on all fields, another major sign of spring.

The sun is shining today as well and the light is so bright it almost hurts, but it makes me so happy and full of energy.

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