May 04, 2009


On my face that is, not swineflu or anything... I'm almost 37 years old and my skin still acts up. Maybe I should know by now what triggers an outbreak, but on the other hand shouldn't my skin by now start to mature?!

As a teen and up to my mid 20's I had oily skin and acne. Then somewhere around 30 my skin decided to go dry and the last years it has also become extremely sensitive. Ugh! For the last couple of years I've been using Dr Andrew Weil's Mega-Mushroom for the face and most of the time it works, but not today...

Taking a bath last night I decided to try a face mask from Nivea Visage that came with Red last month. Already there I should I have known better, but since it said good for dry skin... Afterwards my face was radiant and shiny. This morning it had become a bit red and itchy but nothing that my face cream couldn't help. By lunch time I looked in a mirror and noticed that not only was my face red and itchy it was blotchy too. Sigh! Since this happens every now and then I usually don't care, but today I just felt so freaking annoyed. Why can't I have normal skin like everybody else? Hmph!

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