June 15, 2009

Dinner with old boss

When going to London the last time I ran into several old colleagues at the gate. I know they go to London a lot too and I have run into them separately before but not all at the same time. We decided to talk later on in London and see if it was possible to meet up for a drink. It was and we met up on Thursday night for a drink and curry, which was very nice.

That same Wednesday on my way out to dinner with some colleagues my phone rang and it was my old boss from the same place as the old colleagues I've met in the morning. What are the odds for this happening? First running into some colleagues I haven't talked to since I left the company, or really got laid off 5 years ago, and then the same evening getting a phone call from the old boss. We have kept in touch over the years, with a lunch maybe once a year. But having all this happening in one day is quite a coincidence. We talked just briefly and decided that I was going to call him when I got back home again.

So on Thursday last week I called him. After talking for a while he asked if I had any plans for dinner. If not maybe we should meet somewhere to catch up. Lunch is always so stressed. Why not? 30 minutes later we met at a steak house and ended up having a great evening. Lovely steak, baked potato, Crème Brulé and Italian wine.

Just before leaving we realized that it almost to the day was 5 years since he had told me and 15 other people that unfortunately we were laid off. Never in my wildest imagination would I think we would meet up and have dinner 5 years later. Things have certainly changed. And to the better I might add.

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