June 30, 2009

Mondays it is

Now it has actually been proven in studies that Monday is the best day to start a new get healthy regime. So all of us who have said let's start on Monday have been right all the time. Why?
It’s a fresh start
Just like Friday always begs the question: what will I do this weekend? (i.e., eat, drink and be merry), Monday just naturally lends itself to a more practical point of view—it’s the day you assess your workload, appointments, grocery shopping. Take stock of the week ahead with your new healthy habits in mind and plan accordingly.

It’s a "trigger" day
Studies actually show that when it comes to embarking on any healthy activity, if you have a so-called trigger day—a set date or reminder—you’re more likely to follow through. Even better? Monday rolls around every 7 days, as opposed to say, once year, like Jan 1st, so even if you get off track, another Monday is just around the corner.

It’s preceded by 48 hours of free(ish) time
This matters because you have two free days to prepare, and launching into a new healthy routine without planning sets you up for failure—how can you eat healthier if there’s nothing healthier in the house to eat? Use these days to grocery shop, dig out your workout clothes, write up a schedule, give your junk food to the neighbors. Whatever it take to get you into the healthy living mindset.
So Monday it is then... Or maybe not...

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