July 12, 2009

Cleaning out

Went to IKEA yesterday to get two wine racks and some wire baskets for my closets. Back home I started the to sort, organise and throw away stuff. My God, where did all this stuff come from?!

Today I continued with the last box from my old job and what remains now from that life is two books about DHTML and ASP coding. My bibles back then and still how much I wanted to throw them away I couldn't. But the rest is gone. Bye, bye web developer at a production company. It took my 5 years to close that chapter of my life...

Placing the wine racks in one of my closets I had to place some of the things there up in the attic. Most of it I actually throw away. Shoes I haven't worn in years, clothes from when I was size 10 (one summer) and boxes, tissue etc that I thought would be good use at Christmas. Up in the attic I realised that I have a lot of clearing out to do there as well. After a quick rumble through I had filled two big sacks with stuffed animals, old posters and three old blankets.

Two boxes of cassette tapes and two boxes of letters really got me travelling down memory lane. During the 80's and early 90's I was an avid letter writer with penpals all over the world and just seeing the envelops brought back so many memories and thoughts how things were back then. I also found all the letters mum wrote to me when I was in the US 1989-1992, which I just had to read. Some of them made me cry, but most of all I got to see a side of mum that I now almost have forgotten. The strong business woman which I admired so and in many senses turned me into who I am today. And also explains many things about myself and mum.

When I was done I throw it all away. Together with tons of tapes with great 80's music but with no tape recorder I have to relay on finding the songs on iTunes instead. Before leaving the attic I decided that before the summer is over I shall have gone through all the boxes up there. It's time to close the door to the past. It's just things. The memories will always be in my heart and soul no matter what.

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