August 23, 2009

Happy birthday Blogger!

10 years today. An old-timer on the Internet that feels rather young. I've been on Blogger since April 2006 and I think that's a long time. Then think 10 years. Wow!
Every minute of every day, 270,000 words are written on Blogger
Millions of people worldwide use Blogger to publish to their blog each week

Almost two thirds of Blogger's traffic comes from outside North America (What's the #2 country after the U.S.? Brazil, followed by Turkey, Spain, Canada, and the U.K.)

The most popular sport for our bloggers? Soccer (that's football to the rest of the world), more than four times larger than the #2 sport, baseball
Impressing figures! Let's hope Blogger will continue to thrive and be part of the Internet for another 10 years. Then we can start talking about being an Internet veteran.

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