September 17, 2009

Nice evening with a bad ending

Went to happy hour with colleague tonight. We ended up at quite swanky wine bar. The wine was fab so we decided to have some goat cheese salad as well. Very nice too. When we were going to pay my colleague showed a discount card from when the wine bar did lunch and said that when you did lunch and rather abruptly stopped doing it I was told that if I came back during the evening I would get a discount. The waitress didn't know what to do so she got her boss who just was plain rude to my colleague.

My colleague works with customer service so yes she likes to test and see how other companies do and act, but she's never rude. She's just one of those customers who ask questions, and if you work with customers you should learn who to handle that.

We both left the wine bar with a bad taste in our mouths and even though the food and wine were fab, and the waitress was very sweet we'll never go back there. So unfortunately a nice evening ended badly and that is what we'll remember.

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