September 13, 2009

A weekend in the countryside

Just back from a weekend in the country visiting my little darling Frida and her parents. It feels like I've been to another planet. People up there are so laid back and just laugh at us city folks and can't understand why we are so stressed. Life is here and now so enjoy it! Makes you wonder what this rat race is all about...

Autumn is probably about 2-3 weeks ahead of down here and the foliage was beautiful and the air so clear and crisp. Yesterday it took a while before the sun came out and then it was actually chilly, so things are going the wrong direction so to speak.

As a last homage to the summer we decided fired up the BBQ last night and it has been a long time since I had such a nice evening. Perfect food, perfect wine and perfect company. With evenings like that it is very easy to enjoy the moment and forget what might come and what has been. Life is indeed here and now so enjoy it! Add a bit of gold to your everyday life as Frida's mum like to put. I can't agree more.

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