September 22, 2009

Slough and Oslo

Yesterday I spent the day in Slough, today I've been at the office and tomorrow I'm off to Oslo. They don't call me road worrier for nothing...

Slough lived up to its reputation as a very boring town. The supplier we met with had a very nice office with great view over Windsor Castle, but the surroundings and buildings were just boring. Grey with no hope. At lunchtime we walked down the hight street and even the normal shops as TopShop, Debenhamn's and M & S looked boring. So yes Slough will unfortunately for me as well be "depressing industrial wasteland".

Oslo is probably the opposite of Slough. At least when it comes to buildings, people and hope, All Norwegians sound so happy when they speak. But I know I will moan about how incredible expensive is it. I'm paying a fortune for one night in a single room, but I do get a view over the Oslofjord. It's on those occasions you're very happy to have an expense account...

So off to packing it is, even though you don't need much for one night.

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