October 04, 2009

To feel beautiful

I found the blog RealDelia some time around Easter this year and every time I stop by I find interesting posts which makes me reflect on myself and adulthood. I mean, is this really what it was all about?!

In post earlier this week she talked about ways of
feeling beautiful taken from Real Simple's August issue. 5 quite simple ways of feeling beautiful. My favourite is number 5 which makes me think about my father who embraced his quirks to the fullest and told me it just gives you character and individuality. Love your quirks.
1. Feel loved
Most of us know that someone – a sibling, a parent, a friend, a child – loves us unconditionally. Remind yourself of that.

2. Be active
It is all about the way in which staying active as we age makes us feel lively on the inside

3. Invest in your work and your kids
Work – especially writing – can be a way to simultaneously touch other people and discover more about yourself. Children do the same.

4. Drink A Glass Of Wine
In short, wine=freedom.

5. Embrace Your Quirks
Source of individuality, character and…yes, imperfection. Love it.

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Delia Lloyd said...

Thanks for this! Great to hear that you've enjoyed it. I'm having so much fun writing the blog!

All best

Delia Lloyd