November 29, 2009

Lights up

It's finally Advent and everywhere Advent and Christmas lights are up. Finally some light in this madness called November. Myself I had enough already on Thursday night and put up most of my lights. Then I just turned off the other lights and lamps in my flat and watched the Advent lights. Wonderful! I started eating gingerbread cookies on Thursday night as well and as usual I can't stop until the whole box is gone which is the case very soon... According to old Swedish folklore tradition though you will become nice eating gingerbread cookies so maybe it wasn't such bad idea after all to eat a whole box...

Another finally is that November ends tomorrow. My least favourite month of the year is finally over, and I have managed to get by without too many meltdowns due to the lack of daylight, and too much rain and wind. I'm sure December will be the same, but during December we all eat, drink and are merry and the month is over in no time.

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