November 24, 2009

Night at the museum

At some point I think we have all thought about how it would be to spend the night at the museum or in a big department store. To look at all those statues in the moon light or jump in the beds. Wouldn't that be fun?! And after seeing the the films Night at the museum you never know what might happen...

After reading RealDelia's post about spending the
night at the British Museum I know I'm cured. That was spot on and exactly the reasons why I don't go camping or will spend the night at the museum.
*relative deprivation from creature comforts (e.g. bed, heating–those statues are cold!, shower, normal food)

*living in groups and listeningto/participating in other people’s personal rituals (e.g. sleep, eating,teeth-brushing)

*that curious modern creation that is the sleeping bag
So nice to know that I'm not alone and at the same time realize that we all enjoy different things. That is what makes us humans so special and unique.

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