December 06, 2009

Old classmates

A month or so ago (at the same time as my old school was burned down actually) an old classmate from 1-9th grade found me on Facebook. For 9 years he was one of my best friends just living a block way. I still have a porcelain dove he gave me when I turned 10, somehow I just can't throw it way...

During junior high-school it was him, another boy, me and another girl and we were together all the time. Our parents laughed at us, but at the same time I pretty sure they felt happy that we stuck together like that – The gang of four.

The summer after 9th grader we all went to Gibraltar for three weeks to learn English. An amazing time and probably a bit of becoming of age summer, but also the last summer together before starting different schools all over town. We tried to meet from time to time, but a new school meant new friends and when you're 17-18 they are the world to you. When it was time for university we went in different directions over the country, and haven't really met after that. Maybe postcards and Christmas cards in the beginning, but time marches on... Until M found me on Facebook.

A week later A, the other boy, found me on Facebook and again it felt so very good to see him. He had found M as well, but we still haven't found T, the other girl. Her surname was quite unusual but she can of course have gotten married, which is quite likely. So if you're out there T, let us know. We are looking for you.

After reconnecting with M and A again I have also found several other classmates from 1-9th grade. It's good seeing them again, but when you have gone through "what are doing now" and "where do you live" we really don't have that much in common. Over 20 years do that to you, but when I look at their picture I don't see a 37 year-old man or woman. I see a 10 year-old boy or a 12 year-old girl in a happy go lucky world and that's the way I want to keep it. A sunny childhood where no one never grows old.

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