January 05, 2010

No more burnt toast

I like my toast to be rather dark which means from time to another that my toast get burnt instead. But now I don't have to worry any longer. The first transparent toaster has gone on sale at selected John Lewis stores.
Engineers have spent 15 years perfecting the £160 Magimix Vision Toaster, which has double insulated clear glass on both sides giving a panoramic view of each slice as it cooks.
Very nice indeed, but first of all where do you put a toaster like that? Not in some corner in the kitchen, especially with the clear glass on both sides. This toaster has to be put on some breakfast bar where you can watch it from all angels, which really rules out me using it. I don't have enough space. Then we have the price. £160is still a bit too pricey for me. I can buy a lot of loaves for that and burn many, many slices.


PixieMum said...

If you are a real Anglophile you will want to listen each day (except Saturdays) to The Archers on BBC Radio 4.

May I suggest you visit the website

It is a daily radio soap and thanks to the Internet one can listen all around the world, and people do. There is a message board where one can interact with other listeners so may I commend this to you.

I live in London and share your delight in my city. Yesterday I was on the South Bank of the Thames near Tate Modern and the area, and the rest of central London was so crowded, vibrant and sunny.

Best wishes, Madeleine.

Cathy said...

Thanks for the tip. I've heard about the The Archers, but never listened to it. Now I will :=)