January 21, 2010

The SarcMark

Finally something I've been needing for a long time – the SarcMark. Sarcasm in writing isn't my strongest thing and there has been occasion when I have had to apologize since it was all taken the wrong way. But with the SarcMark I will not have to any longer.
The SarcMark, as it has been named, is designed to be used in the same way as an exclamation or question mark.

Anyone concerned that the irony of their email or text message might not be appreciated by its recipient can use the symbol to close their sentence, thereby avoiding awkward misunderstandings.

The symbol – a dot inside a single spiral line – can be installed onto any PC running Windows 7, XP or Vista, as well as Macs and Blackberry mobile devices.
The cost for downloading is $1,99 – a price that many may think deserves a SarcMark of its own.

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