February 09, 2010

A special weekend

I've spent many weekends in London with friends, family, lovers or all by myself and I have loved every single minute of it. But this last weekend with my aunt is probably the most special to me. With 6 aunts to chose from on my father's side Eva is the youngest one and has always been the coolest and most fun. From time to time she and the rest of her family have been my second family, and still are. Especially now when my family has become even smaller.

We did all the things I've been wanting to do with mum for ages but never will do. Staying at rather posh hotel next to Hyde Park on the 17th floor with a fabulous view over London. Going shopping on King's Road, drinking wine at lunch time, having tea at The Dorchester, going to the theatre, laughing and talking, and then laugh and talk some more. Eat and drink whatever you fancy and visit cosy and not so cosy pubs. Probably a very "classic" London weekend, which for me meant that I finally got to show the city I love and adore.

Now I can't wait (of course) until my next long weekend in London. Maybe in 2-3 months or so.

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