February 02, 2010

Wines from Vallpolicella

Last week I was very fortunate and got a last minute invitation to a wine testing of Valpolicella wines. Italian wines are the wines I know less about and still from time to time have a hard time to like.

The sommelier was great and he said something that I've been thinking about afterwards. Wines from the old world, such as Spain, France and Italy are made to drink together with food. Alone they can be both very rough and bitter. Wines from the New World are the other way around. They are often both fruity ans smooth. Perfect to drink just as they are.

He also said that when starting with wine testing it's always easier to start with wines from the New World but the more wine you try the better pallet get and you get used to wines that can be very special in both taste and aroma. Typical in wines from France, Italy and Spain. So I guess after 4 years of wine tasting I'm slowly moving over the the Old World.

Masi Valpolicella Bonacosta
A wine that I drank a lot when in university. Already back than I tried to stay away form the cheapest stuff. A perfect pasta or pizza wine. Bright red colour of medium intensity with violet edges. Refreshing nose with hints of violets and raspberries Lively and attractive on the palate with intense tastes of ripe cherries and plums.

Allegrini Valpolicella Superiore 2006
Good-value-for-your-money-wine. Brilliant ruby red in colour with a fresh, cherryish perfume. Aroma filled of chocolate and oak barrels

Campolieti Ripasso
Ripasso has always been a favourite of mine and this was no exception. Ruby red in colour with hints of violet. Strawberry, cherry and plum aromas with hints of leather, autumn leaves and Asian spice. The palate is vibrantly fruity and lightly tannic.

Campolieti Amarone della Valpolicella
Amarone, the Queen of wines form Valpolicella. Dark red close to brick colour. Aromas of eak and almonds with a spicy and almost rough finish.

Dom├Čni Veneti Recioto della Valpolicella Classsico
A sweet red wine with a somewhat strange aroma of petrol and when tasting your pallet gets almost overwhelmed by chocolate, dried fruit and honey A perfect wine in combination with blue cheese or Parmesan cheese. Sweet and salt in a wonderful combination.

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