March 02, 2010


Besides loving to cook, eat and drink I also love cookbooks. Sort of comes naturally I guess. And I also love books and reading so cookbooks are really three fabulous things in one (almost like a Kinder egg).

The annual book sale is going on here in Sweden and on Friday I decided to go and see if I could find any bargains. The sale used to be a huge thing but with all the online bookshops it has unfortunately become an event where the bookshops try to get rid of unsold books. Expensive books like coffee-table-books and glossy cookbooks can still be found though and that have become the only thing I try to buy.

This year I found two books about wine and two cookbooks. One of the cookbooks was Jamie Oliver's
Cook your way to the good life. It's not only a cookbook but also a book about growing your own vegetables and eating what's in season. I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver and really admires his passion for food and getting people to understand the importance of healthy and nutritious food.

I read the book from cover to cover last night in bed. Drooling over the recipes and dreaming about having my own vegetable patch. Not like it's going to happen... But I actually think I will try having tomatoes on my balcony this summer. That place is so sunny and warm, so tomatoes would love it there.

Tonight I'm going to read one of the wine books and dream about grapes and vineyards instead. Not too shabby either...

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b-girl said...

i also love cookbooks...funnily, in the end i always use some receip from internet, but i just can't force myself not to buy a cookbook when i see all those beautiful pictures of food :)