March 16, 2010

The world's sexiest cities

Whad'ya know, apparently cites can be sexy. Here's a list from Times Online that supposedly will put you in the mood

1. Rome
Frothing fountains, cobbled piazzas and enough energy to launch a rocket, Rome is up there among Europe’s raunchiest cities

2. Bath
Don’t be fooled by the demure façades. Behind closed doors, this city is positively steamy, thanks to those rampant Romans and the city’s celebrated romantic, Jane Austen

3. Havana
Take pastel walls, vintage vehicles and colonial buildings, add a salsa soundtrack and garnish with a beam of golden sun, and you have Havana, the Caribbean at its most sizzling

For every spot on the tourist’s tick-list, there’s a trad experience with a twist – dress up, stay out late and explore the capital’s secret, saucy side

5. New York
Sex and the city – the two words now belong together famously, and where else could we be referring to? The Big Apple exudes sex like steam from a Manhattan manhole cover. Feeling in the mood? Of course you are…

6. Berlin
Europe’s naughtiest city breaks all the rules – smoking in clubs, staying up round the clock, dancing the night away semi-naked. Where better for an illicit thrill (and plenty of shared secrets to take home)?

7. Paris
Eiffel Tower clinches, candlelit bistros and scantily clad showgirls – Paris was made for lovers. Time to unleash your inner va-va-voom

8. St Petersburg
In winter, lovers huddle together, ducking in and out of vodka bars to stay warm. In summer, clothes come off and café chairs come out, turning the city into one flesh-heavy alfresco restaurant. St P is sexy – 24/7

9. Seville
Late nights, flamenco beats, Moorish palaces and sultry heat: Seville has a stunningly sexy side – and there’s not a polka dot in sight

10. Tangier
Intense and edgy, with a bit of a reputation, Tangier is Morocco’s spiciest city. The once-hedonistic playground of writers, exiles and spies still has plenty of heat to get the pulse racing

11. Stockholm
Know the moment you realise you’ve got the hots for someone you’ve just been friends with for a while? Well, that’s Stockholm: ordered on the surface, a bit of a goer underneath

12. Istanbul
The former capital of the Ottoman sultans looks timewarped, with its exotic, silhouetted mosques, but its bars, clubs and fashion restaurants brim with 21st-century sex appeal…

Well, I can agree on Rome, Paris and Havana (never been there but one can imagine all the sun and rum...), but St Petersburg and Tangier? I spent one day in Tangier and I all wanted to do was to leave. Filthy, dirty and guides who couldn't take a no for an answer. St Petersburg, no way. Russia will never be sexy for me no matter how much vodka you drink.

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