April 27, 2010

Scent of a memory

It's funny how a certain fragrance can make you remember things very vivid and clear. One of my little good things in life is perfume. Mother is the same, so I guess I have from her. And travelling as much as I do it's very easy to stop by the airport shop and try something new. Needless to say I have too many bottles, but it's fun to be able to change fragrance according to mood and season.

The other day I felt rather springlike and put on on Clinique's Happy. A perfume I usually just use during the summer months since it's a rather light scent. Immediately the scent brought me back to London and long summer days in Kentish Town. I could see the bedroom where the sun was coming in through the windows and how the curtains slowly moved in the breeze. It was summer in the city.

On my way to work I couldn't stop thinking about this and how amazing memories actually can be (they can be rather bad too, but that's another story...) and how they can make an ordinary day turn into special day. Just because of a scent.

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