May 02, 2010

Soon London

Off to London in 10 days with cousin (the best 3 year-old in the world's mother). First a long weekend together and then Monday-Tuesday at a webanalytics conference. As usual I'm very excited and have spent most of the day thinking about things to do. I so want to show her my London and not the usual tourist things.

So far tickets to Grumpy Old Women and lunch at Babylon, at Kensington Roof Gardens. I also have a feeling there will be a lot of shopping, wine drinking and a visit or two to some museums. Probably British Museum since cousin is a history teacher and to Tate Britain if I get to decide. I really want to see the Henry Moore exhibition. Probably also some Indian food and dumplings in China Town for lunch. Cousin's DH is a real meat and potatoes guy so being away from home is her chance to eat unusual things.

I can hardly wait! It's going to be so much fun.

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