August 01, 2010

The last letter from your lover

Last night I finished reading The last letter from your lover by Jojo Moyes. A fantastic love-story for all of us who have become rather tired of the chick lit clich├ęs.

In the early 60's Jennifer has an affair with another man. A man who wants her to leave her husband and they are very close. A car accident comes between and Jennifer gets told her lover is dead. 4 years later they meet again... In present time Ellie, a new journalist having an affair with a married man, finds the love letters written by Jennifer and her lover. Intrigued and fascinated by the story Ellie decides to find out what really happened.

It's a beautiful story about love, passion and doing the right thing. Back in the '60 leaving your husband for another man wasn't really comme il faut. Today having a a lover might not rise any eyebrows, but when the excitement wears off and you only get an hour here and there. Is that love? Or passion?

Jojo Moyes mixes old and modern love in a well written story about the the two things we can't control, love and and passion. A great read whether on the beach or in my case a Saturday night.

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Maggie May said...

does sound good...