September 07, 2010

Blind as bat

I got my first glasses in 1st grade. Brown reddish 70's style with more or less unbreakable spring hinges. That was the start of a life with glasses and becoming blind as bat, at least figuratively speaking. My glasses is the first thing I put on when I wake up and the last thing I take off when going to bed. For the last 20 years or so I've been using contacts in my official life, i.e. at university and now at work. But when I come home I change back to glasses and during the weekends I wear glasses all the time.

For the last couple of years my sight hasn't got worse, but with wearing -6 lenses I consider myself blind as a bat. Without glasses or contacts it's very hard for me to function, but I'm far from legally blind. Something I get reminded of every time it's time to get new glasses. About every 5th year or so.

I went to the optician last week and was prepared to pay a lot for new glasses, but when he said 5700 SEK (£485/$750) I almost fainted. Just the lenses was 4200 SEK (£360/$550). For that kind of money I can get a ticket to New York and still have some money left. I'm sure there are cheaper frames and lenses out there, but still I wouldn't be able to function without corrective lenses. So why does it have to be so expensive? It is a disability. I'm very fortunate to be able to pay this sort of money, but I can't help thinking about those people who can't. It's crazy.

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