October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It's foggy and wet outside at the moment which very much suits the day. Soon it will also be dark thanks to changing back the clock this morning. Growing up there was nothing called Halloween. We had All Saints Eve and still have. Sometimes you heard stories from people that had been to the US that they dressed up and went trick-or-treating on the last day of October. Later on when studying in Texas I was able to take part of the fun. Not trick-or-treat though. That's only for the kids. As a college student you dressed up, went to parties and drank strange coloured drinks.

Back in Sweden again I noticed that people more and more had started to celebrate Halloween (a great reason for a party when it's really starting to get cold and dark outside) but what they were mixing it up with All Saints Eve. All Saints Eve is the first Saturday in November which means it can be everything from one day to a full week between Halloween and All Saints Eve. And the kids are running amok during this time dressing up and trick-or-treating. I know I sound like an old grumpy lady, but why mix two holidays together when you can have them separately?

Anyhow, tonight I'm lightning both my ceramic pumpkin and ghost and putting them in the window. Today is Halloween. On Saturday I will celebrate All Saints Eve with visiting my grandparents and father's grave sites and light a candle for all of them.

Tonight I will also very likely dig into the candy that I'm keeping in case there will be some trick-or-treaters. Something I very much doubt since I live right in the middle of the city. But it is a great excuse to get some extra candy myself... And traditions should be kept, right?!

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