October 24, 2010

Not a "normal" 38-year-old

Lately I have realised that people in my surroundings find me different and that some of them is even having a hard time dealing with it because I'm not behaving as "normal" 38-year-old woman.

I'm single, don't have any children and I'm very independent (probably too much for my own good at some times). I love to travel and I do it a lot all by myself. I eat and drink a lot of good food and wine both with friends but also alone. I still live in the city in my 1 bedroom flat and the flat is not decorated by the latest trends. I like my flat to be comfortable and welcoming and that is what the place is. I'm happy there and it's my home, so what is the problem? Becoming a member of a wine club and getting my own cellar really was too much for some people. Apparently as a woman to have your own wine cellar is way too cocky.

I have also been told that my lifestyle is decadent since I spend money on myself and the things I like. I've written off that comment as jealousy, but still it makes me angry that people are so set in their opinions. Who gets to decide what's right or wrong for a 38-year-old woman? I'm happy most of the time, so what is the problem?!

Being my father's daughter I of course have to give them something more to talk about, instead of doing what they think is right. So last week I put in an order for my 40th birthday at the wine club. I would like them to find me a bottle of vintage wine from '72, '82, '92 and '02. I'm very excited and really looking forward to taste them. Yet again it gave people something to talk about, but really at the moment I'm just living up to my reputation. The decadent 38-year-old woman who spends money on herself and the good things in life...


flask said...

try telling your friends with kids how "decadent" it is for them to be reproducing when there's a problem of increasing population. hint that they'd do the whole planet a big favor by spending their money on entertainment instead of indulging their greedy desires to pass on their genes.

then go shopping. or out to dinner. ask them if they want to come.

...if they can find a sitter.

Heike Larsson said...

You go girl!