October 12, 2010

Size shouldn't matter

According to a 24-years study in Germany a woman’s weight has a greater effect on her spirits than her love life does. Quite upsetting I think.
Experts say that the stigma surrounding being overweight has become so great that it can affect almost every aspect of life.
Very sad. Why do we keep judging people on what 's on the outside when we all know that it is the inside that counts? Why is being overweight equal to being lazy and have no self-control? Why is society constantly talking about shape, size and attractiveness? When did a size 0 woman become better than a size 16 or size 18 woman? It's crazy, but unfortunately very hard to change.

Having been up and down in sizes over the years one thing is for sure and it is that as long as I don't like myself no matter size, no man will find me attractive. If I believe in myself and feel strong being size 20, the right man will find me attractive. If I feel miserable about myself at size 8 men will notice that too. It all comes down to self love. Some might think it's a cliché but it's important because you're important. So love thyself!

I'm going to end with some very wise words from Cakie Belle. An Aussie body image advocate and crusader for self love who I came across on the Internet a while back.
What men really want is thin women, curvy women, big women and small women.

Men want tall women and men want short women.

Men want women with blonde hair, with brown hair, with red hair, with short hair and with long hair.

Men want women with big boobs and women with small boobs.

Men want women who wear dresses and heels, and men want women women who are most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.

Men want women who are au naturel and men want women who are surgically enhanced.

Men want women who are glamorous and women who are ” the girl next door”.

Men want women who wears lots of makeup and men want women who wear no makeup.

Men want women who are athletic and men want women who hate working out.

Men want women who are good at math and women who are artistic.

Men want funny women and men want serious women.

Men want women who like to cook and men want women who like to eat out.

Men want women who can’t wait to have children and men want women who never want to have children.

Men want women who value tradition and men want women who prefer the unconventional.

Men want women who are feisty and women who are shy.

Men want women with lots of money and men want women with no money.

Men want women who are models, and women who are teachers, and women who are doctors, and women who are stay at home mamas.

Men want women like me and men want women like you.

The truth about what men really want is:

Men want women. Except the ones who want other men!


Heike Larsson said...

Hi Cathy, Being German in IN Germany, of course I need to comment... :-)

First of all: YES! Certain things have gone too far and a size 0 should not be the benchmark for all girls and ladies, absolutely not, no. Yes, a good weight where you yourself feel good with should be the goal. What is good? I guess, we need to be able to bend down to tie our shoes without problems, we need to be able to be physically active to maintain good health. Which is what I have observed a lot in Sweden - never saw so many slim girls and so many runners before!

Here in Germany, I find it shocking to see that many people are too heavy.... I read somewhere, that every 3rd person is too heavy. Too heavy as in ruining your health and your quality of life. It is not about between size 0 and 4, it is about having lost control... finding it difficult to slim down to get back to a size 8 or 10 (or whatever).

And that trend IS negative, whether we like it or not. For the individual as well as for the society.

So, it would be interesting to understand more about the study you read about...

All the best and cheers!

Cathy said...

I totally agree with you. Being too overweight (not be able to bend down, move around etc) is dangerous for you and you should lose weight. But while you’re overweight I think it’s very important that you love yourself. Just because your overweight doesn’t mean you’re any less worthy. You deserve love, friendship and to be out part of society. Overweight is not equal to being stupid or lazy. Losing weight requires so much more from you just than just eating less. A lot is in your head.

The article is from Daily Mirror so of course there is a certain spin to it. Not sure where they got the study from, but I still find it interesting that appearance is more important than love. Shows a bit of today’s society I think…

Cakie said...

Hey there, Only just discovered you reposted my post! Thank you lovely! xoxo