November 14, 2010


We are now halfway through November and it rains. A lot. And sideways. Living on the top of a hill I wonder sometimes it rains more here. Being closer to the sky and all that... At least it feels like it or maybe it's the wind, because that is worse living on a hill. At least that's what I've been told.

November is, as I posted earlier, my least favourite time of the year. It's cold, wet and dark. Being inside is the only comfortable option. The wind and rain against the window usually makes me want to curl up under the covers and it's totally OK to go to bed at 9 o'clock. For the last two nights though the wind and rain have kept me awake instead. Something on the outside next to the window and very close to my bed is making an annoying sound. A metallic tapping sound that doesn't match the ordinary raindrops.

Twice I have been outside in the rain trying to figure out what it is or even better fix or remove whatever is making this noise, but no luck. Last night I got so annoyed when trying to go to sleep that I moved to the sofa. Fell right a sleep, woke up two hour later because it was so uncomfortable, stumbled back to the bedroom and fell a sleep again. Half asleep I didn't here the noise, but woke up again around 6 am to the never ending bing, bing, bing... The rain stopped of course the minute I gave up trying to sleep and got up, and yes it hasn't rained since then.

So another reason to hate the rain. It makes me sleep deprived.

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