December 05, 2010

L'Echappee Belle

I can't say I read that many French book,or French authors to be correct. Anna Gavalda is an exception though. I loved Hunting and Gathering and have read most of her books when they come out in Swedish. Her latest book L'Echappee Belle just come out in Swedish (En dag till skänks), but is not out in English yet. What I gather from the publisher's website the book will called French Leave.

Again Anna Gavalda has written a magical book. It's a not a feel-good book or a chick-lit book, it's a book that makes you want to stop time and be part of that magical bubble which is the story. Three siblings escape a boring wedding in the French countryside and decide to go and visit their youngest brother who works as guide at château instead. For two days they just live for the moment, eating, drinking, talking and living carefree. Two magical days that show that your siblings are the ones who knows you best and will always love you.

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