January 09, 2011

More books

As usual at the end of a holiday break I've really gotten into reading. I guess it takes a while for me to get relaxed enough to just be able to read. Strange really, since when I read I feel the most relaxed and happy. All worries just float away and all my concentration is on the book.

My pile of books in Swedish have been pretty big for a while. I tend to read books in English first... Two or maybe three of the Swedish books stand out. The first one was written by a woman who was a successful insurance broker but then at 39 had a stroke. Paralysed and no longer able to speak she started to write a diary and that's the book. How she fights her way back and struggle to realize that life will never be the way it was before. Unfortunately she died last February so she never got to see her book published. The book has not even been out for a year but a second edition has already been printed. It's quite a story which really makes you think. What if? It only takes a second and your life changes completely.

The other book that got me thinking a bit was a pop-psychology book about siblings and if you're first, in the middle, the last one or even an only child. I was suppose to read it for the November book club but since I was travelling and couldn't make it to that meeting I never got around doing it. The author is a behaviour analyst so I guess what she's saying isn't totally wrong. I'm an only child and when I read what she's saying about the only child it's almost scary. I have all those traits. Both the good ones and bad ones. I love company but is the happiest when I can close the door and be all by myself. I observe things rather than take part. I need attention to feel appreciated. I don't ask for help since I believe alone is being strong.

An only child is more prone to stay single since he/she is comfortable being by him/herself. (No comments there...) Apparently losing as parent as a child is even harder on an only child than children with siblings. Abandoned by one of the most important persons in their life. Probably explains a bit of my behaviour from time to time. Especially when it comes to men... So without digging into too deep it was an interesting book and gave me a few things to think about. At least for while.

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