January 18, 2011

One day

During my reading frenzy at Christmas time I also read One day by David Nicholls. A much talked about book which has been on the bestseller lists both in the UK and the US.

Emma and Dexter spent the night together after their graduation in Edinburgh. The next day they go separate ways, and the story could end there. But instead we get to follow them on the exact same date for the next 20 years. Some years they meet, some years they live totally different lives and some years they don't even think about of each other. It's love, hate and friendship through the 90's and the Naughties.

It took me a while to get into the book and characters, but when I did I couldn't stop reading. It's a smart and quite wonderful book about life and what we make of it. Some things are meant to be no matter how many detours we take. Some people come into your life and never leave. Some people will alwyas love you.

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