April 19, 2011

Confession of a foodie

It's no secret that I'm big foodie and wine lover. That I love to read cookbooks and try out new recipes and match the wine as well. For the the last couple of months life has been a bit too hectic to do any of this. OK, it's not like I've been starving or thirsty, just that I haven't had the time to try out new things. The weekends have been way too short to do anything than just trying to recharge the batteries, and when stressed and tired I just go for old and well-known things.

But now it's finally time for Easter and a long weekend awaits, and guess what I'm going to do? Yes, cook, eat and drink. Probably read a lot as well and go walking if the weather behaves. For the last two weeks now I've been thinking about what I should eat, what ingredients I need to buy and which wine goes with what food. So I confess, I'm a true foodie and proud of it!

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