May 17, 2011

The meaning of life

I'm currently reading a book about the meaning of life and why we humans constantly strive for a meaning with what we do. It's for the book club and I need to be done by tomorrow so I better hurry up... The book is written by Peter Gärdenfors, a Swedish professor of Cognitive Science and apparently a well-known philosopher both nationally and intentionally. Must have missed that...

Anyhow, so what is the meaning of life? I believe it's different for everyone depending on experiences, religions, environment,heritage and so on. So professor or not you can't really say what the meaning of life is. What's interesting though is why we constantly strive for it. What is driving us to find the ultimate, car, house, husband etc? Why are we not happy and content with we have here and now? Will that new handbag really answer to your question of higher meaning?

It's a complicated subject and philosophy has never been my strong side (only took that one course in school that was required). Hopefully tomorrow's book club will generate interesting discussions and insights from some very smart women. We will probably not find an answer to the question, but we will have a good evening together and isn't that what life is all about?

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