May 05, 2011

New running shoes

You know you have become a running geek when you write a post about buying new running shoes. But it has been six years since the last time so it's really worth mentioning... At least in my world...

Immediately when trying them on in the shop it felt like I was bouncing and when I then tried a few steps on the treadmill it felt so easy. The sales clerk just laughed at me and said it's suppose to feel like that. Running shouldn’t be hard. The right shoes make all the difference.

Back home I went out skipping, running and bouncing (OK, that last one was just a feeling.)After three laps and about 3,5K I just told myself that I needed to stop. If I continued like this I would get so sore the next day. Well, sure I was a bit stiff the next morning, but nothing compared to what I've felt the last couple of weeks running. When it was time for lunch I went to gym and did 4K on the treadmill and again it felt like I was bouncing or flying.

I remember this feeling from maybe 4-5 years ago when my old shoes where new. It just feels wonderful to run and your legs, arms and breathing are in perfect sync, aka runners high. I'm far from running 10K races like I did back then, but doing a 5K again would be great fun.

And by the way, the shoes are purple and silver. Very stylish.

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