June 09, 2011

From the dead

During last week's very long weekend I finally got time to catch up on my reading. In the pile of books was Mark Billingham's latest DI Tom Thorne detective story - From the dead.
Female private detective Anna Carpenter encounters Thorne witha photo of a man who supposedly died 10 years ago in a murder ordered by the man's wife. The wife has now just been released from prison after 10 years and is trying to make a new life for herself. At first Thorne isn't very interesting in the story, but Anna keeps nagging him to take a closer look at the case. A case that Thorne and his other detective colleagues remember very well. And soon they have opened a can of worms.

There are snitches, there are crooked policemen and most of all there is a man on Costa del Sol that wants to show that he is still in charge – even as dead.

The book is a real page-turner and is nice to see Tom Thorne being back in gold old from in his beloved London.

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