July 11, 2011

The End

Friday was my last day in the company. A day that I had been thinking about a lot. I've never been good at saying goodbye and after five years, one month, one week and two days in the same company there are quite a few people you know. But I had also been thinking about the day as closing one door and opening another. For the first time in my life I had decided to leave a company, and to top of things I hadn't looked for another job – I had been head-hunted. I also felt some sort of relief the day finally had arrive. An end to the last chapter that started the day I told my boss I was resigning. So needless to say it was a day with mixed emotions.

Taking part in the annual sailing event where the company is the main sponsor I was busy all morning talking to people about match racing, grinding and "Yes,the company is a rather big company with about 20 000 employees world wide. I'm sure you didn't know that." As the rain clouds moved in and people stopped by the tent to say goodbye I realized that this was it. It was over.

With one hour left and the rain really pouring down there was one person I hadn't said goodbye to. Considering the rain I was so sure he had left the island but after a quick text message I found out that he was on the other side of the island. So I ran in the rain and mud and when I saw him I started crying like a baby. Grinning the way only he can do he commented – "I told you so, you were going to cry". And indeed I did. "What a way to end", he said. "In the pouring rain here at the island". By then I couldn't help but smiling. And letting out a sigh of relif. I had been able to say goodbye to a person who had meant a lot to me over the years and always been a great supporter of what I've been doing.

An hour later I was back at the hotel trying to get warm, changing clothes and working on finding some sort of party mood. It was time for dinner and what I had heard boats were going to be involved. Still poring outside I opted out wearing a dress and went with jeans and wind-breaker instead.

I love the ocean even though the sky and sea more or less had the same colour it felt rather comforting to be out at sea. Soon we arrived at Åstol Rökeri where we had starters. Beautiful smoked shrimps, mackerel and salmon along with home-made aioli dressing, horseradish dressing and warm bread. And of course a perfectly oaked Bourgogne.

Leaving Åstol the rain had stopped and when we arrived at Klädesholmen about 10 minutes later the sun broke though the clouds. At Salt and Sill it was time for main course and dessert. For main there was a choice between mixed grill and Torbay sole, which for me was real easy. Torbay sole with potato cake and lobster sauce of course. To drink we went with Bouchard Aîne & Fils Chablis 2008. A great match with mineral aromas and a somewhat peachy finish.

Dessert was of course strawberries, can't get much more summer than that. Strawberries with Arrack-flavoured ice cream, meringue and toasted vanilla oats. As always food and wine makes me very happy (it's hard not to) and my mood improved throughout the evening. Even though a short speech and toast from boss got me all weepy again.

By midnight we got picked up and driven back to the main island again. Being at sea in the middle of summer's night is quite amazing. It's dark, but still not dark outside. Far away you see lighthouses and other spots of lights. It's just you and the sea.

Back at the island we all headed to Societetshuset, an old classical seaside restaurant and hotel from 1886, which in the summer turns into a nightclub and a bit of a hotspot for everybody in their early 20's. I'm sure all of us increased the average age that night with at least 10 years... Myself I hadn't been there in 20 years which was back in the days when I sailed every summer.

Suddenly it was 3am and when we left it had started to get light outside again. Thinking about the evening before going the sleep one word came to my mind – perfect. The perfect end.

Thank you all who were part of this. You gave me a wonderful send off.

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