August 02, 2011

Birthday BBQ

I'm a summer child. Born right in the middle of summer. Apparently if I hadn’t been so eager to make an appearance into the world I would have been born late August instead of late July. Oh well, I've always been in a bit of a hurry...

But being born in the middle of the summer means that birthdays have always been a bit of a miss. Growing up I was always away on holiday with my parents when it was time for birthday. During my teens I was usually away in the UK or US, with my parents being home in Sweden. The people I stayed with usually did their best to make it a great birthday, but quite early I learnt to don't think about it too much. It was just another day. Now as an adult if I'm home on my birthday all my friends are gone and if they are home I'm gone somewhere. It just doesn't work out very well... So to be honest the last couple of years I haven't cared very much. The last birthday I celebrated properly was probably my 30th and that's been a while...

In April a London friend told me in that if came over for my birthday in July we would go to the Savoy. A very good reason to start celebrate my birthday again. When I told the Rivington Lobster Massacre Ladies that I was in town for my birthday it only meant one thing – a birthday BBQ in E & G's back garden.

When I finally arrived on Sunday, both late and bothered after flying in on the worse low-cost airlines of them all (Ryan Air), they were all there waiting for me. The Rivington Lobster Massacre Ladies, the Other Gal Pals, Husbands and Kid. I was proclaimed the birthday girl which I also now have a button to prove it with.

There was Champagne, there was chips and dip, there was food en masse. Of course there was cake, there was birthday presents and there were lots of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. The sun also decided to joins us after many days of absence. Just perfect! I couldn’t have had better (a day before) birthday BBQ .

So a big thank you Rivington Lobster Massacre Ladies, the Other Gal Pals, Husbands and Kid for making my birthday something to celebrate and remember again. You're the best!


Kanga_Rue said...

It was a great day, and I'm sure I speak for everyone that it was our pleasure helping you celebrate.

*mwah* @Kanga_Rue

Cathy said...

Right back at you! *mwah*