November 13, 2012

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans

Like falling in love, move house and suddenly have plenty of other things that require your attention. So needless to say my blogging have taken the backseat for a while, but it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped drinking and trying out new wines. On the contrary, my passion is now a shared passion with the Man of my life and our cellar is wine cellar is growing by the minute. We spent two weeks in Tuscany this summer and next year it will most likely be Champagne or Rhone Valley. We are becoming wine geeks!

The list of wines I have tried since July is quite long (including the trip to Tuscany) so I will start with you listing the wines and then add notes and photos. Blogging is fun and I really want it to come back on my list of priorities. Just need to figure out how…

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