February 17, 2013

January wines

A new year and new wines to try. One of the New Year’s resolutions was to buy less and drink more, i.e. drink what’s in the cellar before buying new things. Storage is becoming a bit of trouble, but just like with most wine lovers buying is one of the many delights of being a wine aficionado.

The highlight of the month was trying out Super Tuscan Sondraia. A text book example of how a Bordeaux blend can be expertly crafted in Tuscany. Another perfect wine was Trapiche Malbec Viña Jorge Miralles which once again showed that Argentian Melbec is as a good a s the French original.

Couvent des Jacobins Bourgogne Blanc 2007

Trapiche Malbec Viña Jorge Miralles 2009

Collines de Rocalinand 2010

Fonterutoli 2009

Clare Hills Riesling 2009

Masi Amarone Costasera 2006

Comte de Dunois Brut NV

Sondraia 2008

Lirac Les Chenaies 2010

Ser Lapo Riserva 2008

Gimblett Road Syrah 2010

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