November 10, 2008

Pravda, rugby and waltzing

Back from an adventurous weekend in Dublin, or maybe not so adventures but it seems like whenever my friend Cia and I do stuff together things just happens. And we just laugh.

Thursday night coming back from dinner and the pub the fire alarm in the hotel went off. Thankfully we were still dressed and just had to grab our coats on again. We couldn't feel any smoke or see any people so we went down to the reception where the concierge and Fred Flintstone were talking to two firemen. Outside there was also two fire trucks and more firemen looking at bit lost. When we got back to the hotel we had noticed that a fancy dress party was going on including Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. Turned out that some candles or similar in the ballroom had turned off the alarm, so Fred had some explaining to do...

On Friday night we did a bit of bar hopping like the rest of Dublin and managed to visit two of Dublin's better bars.
The Church and Pravda. Both very different styles, but still just what you need on a Friday after work or in our case after a day of walking and sightseeing. The places were packed with people so as usual we made up stories about them and watched people. Not very grown up maybe, but very fun...

If Friday was bar hopping Saturday was pub walking. After a gorgeous weather both Friday and Saturday heavy rain and gusty winds moved in Saturday afternoon so what was better then going to the pub and watch rugby. Yes, rugby, ie American football without any protection. All I know of rugby is that the Australian team is called The Wallabies (thank you Michael) and that the Irish team is one the better teams. I haven't got a clue about the rules beside that it looks like they are all in one big pile trying to catch a ball, and sometimes they score by kicking the ball across the goal line and sometimes running with the ball across the goal line. 90 minutes and a Guinness later I still didn't know more, other than that Ireland had won over Canada with 55-0 and the Green boys were a lot better at running. But I had had a great time and so did Cia. And yes two Swedish women in pub cheering for Ireland gets some attention...

As the last stop on our pub walk we stopped at a pub we had passed by the other days which looked really nice. Probably bit nicer than your normal pub and with both young and old people. Soon some live Irish music started and a little bit later both Cia and I were asked if we would like to waltz by two Irish gentlemen in their mid 50's. For a second or two we felt terrified, but then what the heck. When in Ireland do as the Irish... It's been ages since I waltzed (probably at some wedding) but somehow I managed not to step on the man's toes. Two dances later we very polite said thank you and and very much left the pub laughing. Again we had had a very good time.

And to be honest you usually have in Ireland. The Irish are ten times more laid back than their British cousins across the sea.

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