November 04, 2008

To Dublin

I'm off to Ireland and Dublin tomorrow. First for a day long meeting and then catching up with some friends over the weekend. According to the weather it's going to rain which isn't very surprising. It always rains in Ireland. At least when I'm there... But with plenty of shops, museums and pubs I'm pretty sure we will be able to stay out of the rain if we want to. Otherwise there is always raincoats and umbrella and coming from Gothenburg I know how to use them as well.

The weekend is really something I'm looking forward to. To get away and have a bit of fun and at the same time recharge the batteries. And of course to have full Irish breakfast and drink Guinness. Something I only do when in Ireland. Guinness that is. It really is an acquired taste. And after three trips to Ireland in a year, well I like it. But still only in small quantities.

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